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Do you feel out of control with your eating?

Get back in control.
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Weight Loss Surgery Patients:
Are you terrified you'll regain the weight?

Welcome, Friend!

First of all, congratulations. You had the courage to undergo gastric bypass, duodenal switch, lapband, or some other type of weight loss surgery. No one makes that decision lightly.

But months or years after bariatric surgery, are you dogged by fear? Fear that you won't maintain your weight loss? Fear that it was all for nothing? Fear that you'll fail, yet again?

  • Do you think about food all the time?
  • Are you ashamed of your secret eating?
  • Do you worry that you'll never get your cravings under control?
  • Are you afraid to weigh yourself, because you don't want to know how much you've gained?

Believe me -- I understand. Because I've been there.

My name is Katie Jay. I'm the director of the National Association for Weight Loss Surgery (NAWLS)But more importantly, I am now a healthy and slimmer woman -- a woman who weighed 331 pounds before my own weight loss surgery in 2004.

Like most WLS patients, I had a fabulous "honeymoon" period after surgery. I was gung-ho about my eating plan. The weight was just dropping off (I lost nearly 200 pounds!) And I was getting lots of positive strokes from family and friends.

And then -- real life crept up on me again. And so did the weight.

When my post-surgery honeymoon was over, it dawned on me
the only thing I had lost was body fat. But I never got rid of
the real issues that made me fat in the first place.

Are you afraid of regaining the weight after WLS? You probably should be, if ...

  • You didn't lose your obsession with food.
  • You didn't lose your feelings of self-loathing.
  • You didn't lose the emotional triggers that lead to binges.
  • You didn't lose your low self-esteem or poor body image.
  • You didn't lose the un-supportive behaviors and comments of family and friends.
  • You didn't lose your dysfunctional relationship with eating.
  • You didn't lose the uncontrollable cravings for refined carbohydrates.
  • You didn't lose your sedentary lifestyle.
  • You're not getting weight loss surgery support.

I discovered, when my WLS honeymoon ended, that I couldn't lose the weightand keep it off foreveruntil I lost the "obesity mindset" that helped drive me to eat and eat and eat in the first place.

I had weight loss surgery because I was desperate. In my mid-40sthe prime of my lifeI had already developed diabetes and other serious health problems. At 331 pounds, I didn't believe I had any other options. And, like many WLS patients, I believed that WLS would be the "Magic Bullet" that would save me from myself. (In fact, one surgeon I considered actually called WLS a "cure" for obesity.)

When the honeymoon was over, I was reminded
that WLS isn't a magic bullet. It's not a quick fix or a cure for obesity.
WLS is just a tool—and it only works if you use it correctly.

The honeymoon was over — but I wanted to stay married to my weight loss! So instead of becoming increasingly obsessed with food, I threw myself into finding a cure for my own obesity mindset, food obsession, and cravings. And the result is the National Association for Weight Loss Surgery.

"Katie," I said to myself, "You have a Master's degree in
clinical social work and a life-coaching certification.
So why not use some of those skills on yourself?"


And that's exactly what I did.

I read the latest research. I interviewed the best minds in the fields of obesity and food addiction. And I worked closely with weight loss surgery patients who were struggling with the same problems I had.

So ... What did I learn? How can you free yourself from the fear and shame of regaining?

The answer may surprise you: there is no one answer.

I learned that the obesity mindset is as unique as you are. And the tactics that worked for me may not be right for you and vice-versa.

That's why I founded the National Association for Weight Loss Surgery.

It's a safe place where people like you and me can figure out the answers for ourselves. NAWLS is a clearinghouse for information about successful WLS where you can ...

  • Learn to love yourself more than you love food.
  • Learn to eat like your life depends on it. (Because it does!)
  • Get support from people just like you who truly understand.
  • Free yourself from low self-esteem and self-hating behaviors.
  • Finally live at peace with your body -- maybe for the first time.
  • Gain control over food obsessions and binge eating.
  • Find hope for your own permanent weight loss.
  • Share your success and inspire others who may be struggling.
  • Forgive yourself ... and stop living in the past.


I don't know exactly what tools will work for you. But I do know that you deserve a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

So why not give NAWLS a try?

I know, it's tough ... especially if you've tried -- and failed -- with a lot of other "magic bullets" like exercise, protein, water, affirmations, different exercise, different protein, more water, different affirmations, Overeaters Anonymous, therapy, WLS support groups and on and on. (Been there, done that.)

As I said, I don't know exactly what will work for you ... but together, we can find out.

When you become a member of the NAWLS family, you'll get the tools and techniques that can help you ...

  • Change your mindset, your unhelpful beliefs, and the way you respond to your thoughts and feelings about your situation.
  • Learn how carbohydrate sensitivity may be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts.
  • Understand what your true challenges are and what your real possibilities are.
  • Explore what solutions will work for your particular situation.
  • Put those solutions to work for you so you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.


Two Affordable Membership Options

 With your membership in NAWLS, you'll receive:

Premium Option 

Basic Option 

Access to the members-only discussion forum, personally moderated by Katie Jay, MSW

An ever-growing library of resources and articles

Monthly telephone seminars on vital weight loss surgery topics

10% member discount on all classes and events

Downloadable library of audio programs -- A treasure trove of information! 


A private, 60 minute, telecoaching session with Katie Jay (valued at $125!)


An autographed copy of Katie Jay's book, Dying to Change: My Really Heavy Life Story, How Weight Loss Surgery Gave Me Hope For Living (a $24.95 value)



As a member of NAWLS, you'll learn surprising strategies and tactics to get you moving toward your goals. You'll be exposed to some pretty exciting new ideas. Most importantly, you'll become part of a warm and supportive community of like-minded people who know exactly what you're going through. We'll even provide accountability if you want it.

With the support and encouragement you'll receive as a NAWLS member, you can find lasting freedom from food addiction and obesity. I have found a system to save myself -- one day at a time -- from a life of fear, and I can show you how to find your way, too.

Get started today! You'll be so glad you did. Just visit our Subscription Page to join me on this amazing journey to fulfillment and freedom.



Katie Jay

Director, National Association for Weight Loss Surgery


P.S. If you're ready to end your love/hate relationship with food, I hope you'll give NAWLS membership a try. If you're ready to give yourself a second chance, there's no better time to start than today. If you're ready to start living and enjoying life, you've come to the right place.

P.P.S. Join NAWLS today. And for literally pennies a day, you can get the know-how, support and sincere encouragement you need.

P.P.P.S. I'm so proud of you for having the courage to commit to weight loss surgery. I hope you'll have the courage to commit to yourself & ... your health & your future and your long-term success as a member of NAWLS.


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