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Katie Jay's Blog

Weight Loss Surgery Daily Meditation for July 16, 2006

Julia A. F. Persing and Katie Jay

Exercise your mind and your body.

Stretching your mind is just as important as stretching your body. In fact, stretching your mind while stretching your body is a great approach. Some people get bored with their exercise routine, and adding something to keep their mind busy is just the thing to help them remain willing to do their exercise.

The tedium of any routine will bore the mind if it is not inspired on a regular basis. You can exercise your mind through meditation, books on tape, brainstorming, prayer, or socialization (exercising with a friend).

Are you bored?

Action for the day: Today, find a way to exercise your mind while you are exercising your body. Plan what you will do with your mind so that boredom doesn't sabotage your exercise.

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